Help us support and train the heroes of VirungaNational park!


Rescue The Rangers is a project that focuses on teaching medical skills to the Rangers in the Virunga National Park. These Rangers risk their lives everyday to protect wildlife and nature, so we dedicate our efforts to help them develop better skills to help themselves and their colleagues when needed. 

After watching an episode of a Belgian TV-show where the rangers of the Virunga park played a small role, the two architects behind this project thought that they could offer them something more adapted to their needs. With a background in military medicine, Marijke an An contacted the park with the offer to train the Rangers and teach them Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). After some preparation and planning, a first trip to the park was successfully organized. Upon return, they started a crowdfunding action to be able to buy the necessary equipment for the Rangers and bring that along on the second trip. Currently more approximately 400 Rangers were trained and recently 10 Aidmen completed succesfully the first iteration of this course.

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